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Virmati, Government Practice

eGovernance Practice

At Virmati, Government Practice is geared to serve various constituents of Government—be it Corporations, Departments, Boards, Local Civic Bodies, Universities, Hospitals, Agricultural Mandis or PDS & more…

A Government constituent’s IT vision is to leverage the emerging new technology to improve the quality of its services & reach the masses

Virmati’s vision is to enable the above keeping the complex IT eco-system simple & result-oriented making the Government Constituent responsive & transparent.

Virmati’s Solutions & Services, based on the in-depth study of the government machinery at Village-District-State-Center (Federal) level, empower the Government Constituency in use of information & communication technology (ICT) to work, manage & deliver efficient, transparent and smart services to the citizens & businesses.

The essence of e-Governance is achieved by ensuring

Better Administration: Improving government processes by
  • Cutting costs
  • Managing performance
  • Making strategic connections within government, and creating empowerment
Better Citizen Services: Connecting citizens/businesses to government by
  • Incorporating the expectations of services
  • Improving public services availability, management, etc
Better Accountability & Responsiveness: Building & supporting the ethics
  • Establishing the modes & mechanisms of control, audit & review
  • Offering the tools to improvise, to plan & to control performance

An Array of Solutions & Services form our Government practice.

eGovernance Practice


  • 25+ years of track record in India
  • An ISO 9001 Company
  • CMM Level 3 Certified
  • Flagship products audited by CISA Auditors
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • ISV Partner for HP, IBM & Microsoft